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    What is wadding?

    Wadding, also known as batting Is a soft fibrous material used in the stuffing or padding of an item and is commonly used during the upholstery process to add warmth, comfort, and protection along with supporting the shape and structure. Wadding is made from a variety of materials and fibres each with individual properties which can affect the outcome of your project depending on which is used and its application.

    Types of wadding

    Cotton wadding

    Cotton is the most common wadding material due to several factors including low weight, low cost, high levels of insulation, and fire-retardant properties. One of its primary uses is the creation of quilts, this is due to quilts usually being made from cotton. Cotton wadding is easy to work with on a sewing machine as it can be easily perforated by a needle and is not a heavy material.

    As cotton is a natural product sourced from animals and plants it is usually treated in order to remove any contaminates that could have been picked up before the manufacturing process, this is called ultra cleaning. During the ultraclean process, the cotton is dried and shaken to remove any unwanted matter, but this does not discard any of its natural oils and waxes which allows the cotton to retain its waterproof properties.

    Polyester wadding

    Polyester is an artificial upholstery wadding and a cheap alternative to natural fibres. Polyester waddings such as dacron is easier to work with than natural fibres including cotton wadding which are prone to break apart more easily, this is particularly common when used alongside adhesives. It is also easier to clean artificial fibres which can be a better choice for any upholstery that is used in an environment that is prone to dirt.

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