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    What Is Scrim Foam?

    Scrim foam is a foam material laminated with a fabric backing making it the ideal texture to adhere to a range of surfaces including scrim foam backed faux leather, Vinyl and multiple fabrics. Scrim foam provides a luxury feel to hard surfaces and provides a refined finish.

    What Is Scrim Foam Used For?

    Scrim foam is most used in the automotive industry to trim vehicle components including seats, carpets, door cards and as a car headlining material. Scrim foam has also become extremely popular for use during camper van conversions, being used to insulate and soundproof the walls of the van. Alternatively, the use of scrim foam is becoming more popular within DIY projects including the reupholstering of living room chairs, dining room chairs and barstools.

    Scrim foam 3mm/6mm/10mm

    Scrim foam varies in width providing different levels of cushioning as required, these widths include 3mm, 6mm and 10mm. Scrim foam 3mm is the most popular as it is common in a wide range of upholstery products with 6mm and above being considered a luxury.

    Scrim Foam UK

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