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  • Suedetara

    What is Alcantara fabric?

    Alcantara fabric also known as suedette is a synthetic suede material used as an alternative for animal hide based products including leather. Alcantara has several applications including headlining, seating, steering wheels and more. It is most commonly used within the automotive industry although it can be seen within the fashion and technology sectors. 

    What is Suedette?

    Suedette is a microfibre material composed of polyester and polyurethane. This can also be adapted to display fire retardant properties, this is extremely useful in furniture products and in cars. Suedette is not as smooth as leather which allows it to be used as additional friction on surfaces, including Alcantara steering wheels and seating where grip is essential.

    Alcantara vs Suede

    Alcantara feels like an ultra-fine suede, with a durable feel and is easy to clean, opposed to suede which is easily marked and stained. True Alcantara is made only by the Alcantara company based in Italy, alternatively suedette is considered the next best option holding similar properties.

    At Trim supplies we stock a variety of suedette materials in a range of colours and styles. We also provide these with and without backing for ease of application. We specialise in suede materials ideal for automotive seating and door panel designs.