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  • Thermal & Acoustic

    Van Insulation & Sound Proofing

    Insulation and sound dampening of your van is essential, Van insulation and soundproofing kits are used to help regulate the temperature inside the van along with helping to reduce vibrations and road noise entering from the outside of the vehicle. Thermo acoustic foam is perfect for keeping your van cool in summer and keeping it warm in the winter. This insulation also reduces the amount of condensation produced inside the van in turn protecting the van walls from rust and mould. Underfloor and ceiling insulation is also recommended to add extra padding for sleeping and to trap additional warmth.

    Best insulation for a campervan

    Choosing which van insulation is right for you can be extremely tough, it is essential that you purchase the right insulator for your van as this can make a big difference to the climate inside and to how comfortable your van conversion is as a result. Look out for insulation materials that are resistant to water, mould and mildew.

    Types of thermal & soundproofing

    There are many types of thermal and acoustic insulations, each with individual properties which can be useful depending on usage conditions such climate, driveability and cost. Some of the most popular van insulators including sheep's wool, thermal acoustic foam, sounds deadening squares and much more.