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    what is 4-way stretch Lining?

    4-way stretch carpet is an essential when it comes to camper van refurbishment, with the ability to stretch in all directions, allowing the van lining to be easily molded around the corners and curves of your van, this includes around wheel arches and windows. Unlike regular carpet, upholstery, stretch lining fabric does not need to be cut exactly to measure making it a popular choice of van lining.

    What do I need to fit van lining?

    As there is less waste when using stretch lining this makes the material extremely cost effective. 10 metres of lining can usually be enough to cover a standard short wheel-based van and 15 metres for a larger wheel-based van. As stretching causes tension, a strong adhesive spray or contact adhesive will need to be applied to fix the lining to your required surface, as a rule of thumb one can of adhesive per 1 metre squared of fabric is efficient.

    Is it hard to fit stretch lining carpet?

    Fitting of any lining fabric can range greatly in difficulty; it is always best to work with a material that you are comfortable and confident in applying to your project. We personally recommend stretch lining as it is by far the easiest van carpeting method producing great results, whether you are a novice or professional.

    Here at trim supplies we offer a wide range of colour combinations and styles, if you are unsure about how much fabric you will need for any project, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can assist with your query as best as possible.