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    What is polyester wadding?

    Wadding is also known as padding or batting and is a key part of textile manufacture as it can determine many important factors including product warmth, durability, and comfort. Wadding is essential to the structure and shape of most projects. Due to its versatility, there are many varieties of wadding available, produced from a wide range of fibres and materials suited to a particular purpose.

    Polyester wadding uses

    Here at Trimsupplies we provide high quality polyester wadding rolls suitable for a range of uses including wadding for quilting, wadding for cushions, and wadding for seating. The most popular use of polyester wadding is for quilting as it provides a firm structure and soft padding to create the ideal quilt as required. Polyester wadding can also be used to create seat cushions and back cushions for a variety of applications including garden seating, automotive seating and domestic seating. Polyester wadding is extremely versatile and is a secure base which can support complex embroidery and stitching work.

    Why choose polyester wadding?

    There are many reasons why you should choose to use polyester wadding, One of the most ground-breaking developments for domestic fabrics and upholstery was the ability to wash polyester on multiple occasions with minimal wear and great cleaning results. Unlike natural fibres such as cotton and wool which were difficult to clean, less durable and more expensive due to their manufacturing processes. Polyester wadding is cheap to produce and costs much less than natural materials making it great for beginner upholsterers with a tight budget, also being easier to work with for inexperienced users presenting less of a needle drag issue.