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    What is Dacron Polyester?

    Dacron Fabric is a form of polyester material used within upholstery to add strength and abrasion resistance, this helps add to cushioning and prevent additional wear and tear to fabrics. Dacron also known as polyethylene terephthalate was created by the Dupont company, they own the exclusive rights to Dacron production and were the first to produce the fabric.

    What is better Polyester Fabric or Dacron Fabric?

    Dacron is considered the superior solution to regular polyester, offering additional strength, cleanability and hypoallergenic properties. Dacron has become increasingly popular in the furniture industry as a polyester alternative due to its resistance against mould and mildew, this is especially important when working with wood. Standard polyester requires washing on a regular basis with water, scuff marks and dirt bonding to the fabric easily therefore preserving its lifetime.

    What is Dacron for?

    Dacron has many applications with its popularity soaring within the household textiles industry, allowing products including Sofa’s, headboards, chairs and mattresses to be easily cleaned. With easy stain removal, regular washing is not required often preventing any unnecessary damage to the fabric. Dacron is usually applied as a cushioning layer between the foam and fabric, this reduces the friction transferring from the foam to the fabric and creating wear marks.

    Dacron insulation works great for van conversions as it will help regulate heat, protect against any unwanted damp and mould inside your van, whilst adding a premium padding feel to any surface including walls, floors and van furniture.

    Where to buy Dacron wadding

    Here at Trim Supplies we sell Dacron cut to measure, et this amazing fabric in your home. Reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your furniture and avoid any stains or scuffs that may require professional reupholstering.