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    Car Carpet

    Shop automotive interior car carpet, boot lining, headliner trim materials and more at trimsupplies. We supply quality car interiors for a range of projects including DIY, trade and commercial applications. We Work alongside top brands to provide only OEM quality car upholstery, perfect for seat refurbishment, headlining and boot lining replacement. We specialise in several car models and interior styles including Tartan, Hounds Tooth, Bricks, Simora and more.

    Car carpet wear and tear is extremely common and can ruin the look and feel of your vehicle both as the driver and for your passengers. It is essential that you maintain and protect your car floor mats and carpets to help preserve the presentation of your vehicle, in turn increasing the value. Depending on a vehicle’s usage several signs of wear and tear will become noticeable, this is the case in almost any vehicle that is in constant daily use. Areas of increased wear to pay special attention to are Headliners, Interior trim on door panels and carpets located in footwells and boot liners.

    When should I repair or replace my car carpet?

    If you are wondering whether it may be time to replace your car carpets, look out for some common signs of excessive wear including:

    Fading Car Carpet

    Fading carpet with a dull appearance usually found in areas of high friction such as in footwells especially under the drivers pedals, this can be common in vehicles not using floor mats. If professional cleaning has no effect on the carpets plush and the appearance does not improve, it maybe time for a carpet replacement.

    Smelly Car Carpet

    Permanent odours trapped within the carpet can be especially unpleasant, these include from pets, spilt food & drink, plant matter and more. If interior carpets have been neglected and presenting a strong odour for some time this may indicate that the cause has reached beyond the carpet and into the subfloor, this can cause growth of mould and mildew. To prevent any further altercations, it is best to replace any car carpet that has a strong lasting odour immediately.

    Car Carpet Repair

    If you have any questions regarding the condition of your vehicles upholstery and would like to find out whether some interior items may need to be replaced or simply would like to see what materials we have available, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer car carpet that is cut to size by the meter and of the best quality with experienced advisors on hand to provide you with any details you may require.