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  • Adhesives

    What is spray adhesive and contact adhesive?

    Contact adhesive is a rapid drying glue that can be applied to a surface to bond it with another. By using either contact adhesive and spray adhesive will create a strong bond between two or more surfaces. Upholstery Adhesives can be used to bond several materials, including fabrics, carpet lining, foam and headlining, these fabrics can be bonded to metal, plastic, rubber or wood with ease.

    What are adhesives used for?

    Spray and contact adhesives are ideal for use in the refurbishment of interiors and are most popularly used in the automotive industries, this is due to the high temperature resistance of the glue which can reach up to 90 degrees. Contact adhesive is applied to several vehicles, including caravans, boats, leisure homes, coaches and particularly during a campervan conversion.

    How much spray adhesive do I need?

    If spray adhesive is being used for the application of carpet or stretch lining to your van or campervan, we recommend that it is ideal to use one can of spray adhesive per 1 square metre of carpet.