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    How Does Acoustic Foam Work?

    Acoustic foam is a spongy but dense foam designed to reduce levels of echoing, reverberation and sound reflection inside a space that can cause an uncomfortable audible experience. Soundproofing absorbs soundwaves by reducing the waves energy, when these waves come into to contact with the soft foam panels they absorb 80%- 90% of the sound preventing surface reflection and reducing sound disruption.

    Soundproofing in the home

    Here at trimsupplies we supply soundproofing products for a wide range of domestic & commercial purposes and applications. We provide acoustic foam for musicians, producers, music rooms, workshops, cinemas and many more.

    Acoustic foam is not only used to help reduce the impact of sound coming from the outside but to also prevent reverberation of unwanted sound from the inside, this improves sound quality for microphone recorders and general listening experience. Our foam is suitable for small or large projects and is available to purchase by the metre for both retail and wholesale customers.

    Soundproofing vehicles

    Looking to soundproof a van or car? Trimsupplies provides acoustic foam ideal for van reupholstery, restoration projects and campervan conversions. We accommodate for several top brands including VW Campervans, Ford Transits and more. We stock a wide range of materials perfect for vehicle reupholstery including van conversions, car headliners, Carpets, Scrim foam, stretch lining all perfect for supplying any DIY, commercial or trade project.